About us

Investment performance through focused expertise

Craton Capital is committed to creating value for investors over the long term. The funds we advise stand out as they focus exclusively on the resources sector. We seek to create value for investors through our investment advisory and industry-specific knowledge, expertise and experience. We continuously seek out exceptional investment opportunities through the use of a rigorous due diligence process, with a focus on organic growth generally to be found among smaller and mid-cap companies.

Experience and expertise for long term performance

Craton Capital is a specialised advisor to two focused funds which offer clients exposure to distinct parts of the natural resources sector. Launched in 2003, the company boasts a depth and breadth of expertise – financial and technical.

We think long term. By identifying sustainable trends, and the companies best equipped to capitalise on them, we identify stocks whose prices have yet to reflect the true value of the underlying assets. Investing early and holding until fair value is achieved has historically delivered market-beating returns over the long term.

Our funds meet stringent investment criteria; our team is, we believe, amongst the best in the business. Review the info on our site, give us a call: put our expertise behind your portfolio for the years ahead.