Craton Capital Funds

Craton Capital is committed to creating value for investors over the long term. We differentiate ourselves by advising specific funds in the resources sector, applying our investment management and industry-specific knowledge, expertise and experience to achieve this goal.

Precious Metal Fund

The Precious Metal Fund invests in the shares of companies engaged in mining and processing precious metals – primarily gold, but also platinum, palladium, silver and diamonds - around the world.

With extensive experience and expertise in both the technical and financial aspects of the industry, the fund advisors seeks to identify companies trading significantly below fair value but offering attractive resource and production growth; and the catalysts likely to unlock the potential of these underlying assets.

Global Resources Fund

The Craton Capital Global Resources Fund invests in companies operating in and exposed to natural resources and their related industries.

Typically, the holdings in the fund represent companies involved in fields such as metals and mining, commodities, oil and gas, electricity generation, agriculture and forestry. It also includes related utilities and services.