Performance chart and benchmark

Monthly performance chart
Source: Bloomberg, Craton Capital; data in USD

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Key information
Key DataDetails
Fund Bloomberg code CRMETAL LE Equity
Fund Reuters code 1674268X.CHE
Fund ISIN LI0214430949(D) / LI0214430881(R) / LI0016742681(A) / LI0021279844(B) / LI0214430972(I) / LI0116308888(E)
Fund WKN 964907
Date of inception 14 November 2003
Domicile Principality of Liechtenstein
Management Company LLB Fund Services AG
Custodian bank Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG
Legal status UCITS V, complies with EU directives on investment funds (85/611)
Administration LLB Fund Services AG
Auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers AG
Management fee 1.2%(D) / 1.2%(R) / 1.5%(A) / 1.5%(B) / 0.85%(I) / 1.0%(E)
Performance fee 10% on out-performance (relative to benchmark)
Base currency USD
Share class USD
Issue redemptions Daily, until 3pm CET